Computer Lab Do’s and Don’ts


Don’t come to the computer lab if you are sneezing, running a fever, or carrying any transmittable sicknesses.

Don’t use the computer lab for making fake ID’s. I actually saw this at Drury! It was pretty funny to me at the time. This guy was using Photoshop installed on Drury’s computers to make Oklahoma IDs for kids that probably gave him $50 or something. A lot of underage folks had Oklahoma IDs back then, because Oklahoma is pretty close to Springfield/Joplin area, and their IDs are extremely easy to replicate. Anyone w/ a laminate machine and a color printer could do it.

Don’t listen to techno or country music really loudly. If you are listening to classical music very loudly, there’s a chance I may fear and admire you equally. If you are listening to alternative or punk, I will definitely respect you.

Don’t smell. Smelly folks are bad for computer labs, where the temperatures get elevated by the many computers, and the heat they give off works as an incubator for body odors.


Do stare down every new person that enters the computer lab. They must earn your respect after a few seconds of good behavior, and choose a computer at least 4 or 5 computers away.

Do use the computer lab often. You pay for it. You should utilize these magnificent Dell’s and the literally immense database resources available to you.

Do plan your supplies for visiting the computer lab. If you are going to be here an extended amount of time, I recommend layered clothing, hand sanitizer, bottled water or coffee, and gum.  

Do waste at least half your time on sports or news Web site’s. Scouring the Cardinal’s blog section of is perfectly acceptable and loosely within your rights as a self-respecting citizen of the St. Louis community. It may gain you some camaraderie with the folks that stared you down coldly as you entered the lab.


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  1. tiffany grant Says:

    thankyou guys

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